Found Toys 3: Sporting goods and Toy stores.

Here are a few places that you may over look as a source for bdsm goodies. But they have largely untapped wealth wonderful toys.
Wood gain foam baseball bat - hard foam make a wonderful paddle
Plastic bowling pins and balls - the pins make paddles and depending on the size dildos and the balls can be turned on into a ball and chain (more later) 
Ping pong paddles - guess
Paddle ball paddles -- guess again
Practice golf balls - the kind with the holes in them make nice ball gags just run a cord through them
Pull up stations - work well for hanging your sub's from
Punching bag stations - also work too just don't go over there weight limit
Tennis rackets - make nice paddles too and the leave a waffle patter
Bike cycle handles - work well as flogger handle (see how to make a flogger)
Exercises balls - the big ones with a little work can become lovely sex toys (see how to section]
Fish thumpers - make nice paddles as well as dildos
Bike or weight lifter gloves - work great for giving spankings
Snake bite kits - for the suctions cups that are in them