Found Toys 2: Tack and Pet stores.

There are many fun and interesting thing you can pick up at tack or pets stores. They can be a lot cheaper up to 75% less than stores that cater to the bdsm world. That and they have no end of things that may give you ideas for new toys. 
Riding crops -- to help keep your pet in line
Buggy whips - a cross between a crop and a single tail
Dressage whips - fun but evil things
Horse bits - the ones with the rubber bits make great gags just add rope
Horse hobbles - will work a wrist or ankle cuffs
Fly whips - horse hair floggers
Bull whips - again a lot cheaper the bdsm shops
Mitts to wash horses with - they come in vinyl or rubber and have little nubs or spikes on them great for spankings
Horse scrapers - used to dry horses when wet they make great paddles
Brushes - good for spankings and to drag on skin
Riding boots - need I say more
Clips and rings - more snap clips or quick releases than your could ever need
Spurs  - be creative they can look good and sound good too.
Leads - to tie your pony down with
Leashes - to walk your pet with
Collars - to attach your leash to
Choke chains - be creative you can make bracelets and collars with them
Pet beds - so they have some place to sit, some are even heated
Large bones - for flogger handles, I would clean and bleach them first
Nylon dog bones - drill the ends for a rope or cord and they make nice gags
ID tags - for their collars
Be creative with what you fine there, who knows you may come up with a few ideas that I haven't had yet. The only thing is I wouldn't be too blatant about what you are shopping. Like testing crops on you sub. There is no need to upset the vanilla people in the store, and ruin that resource for the rest of us.