Bottle Paddle:

Parts list
1@ 1 or 2 liter soda bottle
1@ dowel about 18" long
Doll head for end of handle
1@ double ended screw (both sides have threads)
1@ # 12 wood screw about 1 " long
1@ small fender washer for screw
Paint or stain for handle 
Drill bits
Screw driver
Tape measure
Marking pen

Cut dowel to the length you like and attach the doll head end, sand and finish. Like you would for a flogger handle.
On the bottom on the bottle find the center and make a mark do the same with the handle
Slide the handle in and line to marks up and drill a pilot hole for your screw.
Screw every thing together

Now go test it on some one

Note: the size of the dowel for the handle depends on the bottle opening. This is a simple and easy toy to build. It makes a nice thunky sound when you hit something with it. With not a lot of impact it's s fun toy for playing around wi