Flogger 2 Project: Wood handle flogger

Parts list
1" or 1 " wooden dowel [the come 36" or 48" in length]
Wooden doll head [I use 1 to 2 inch depending what I am making play around with different sizes to see what you like best] [you can get them at Michel's craft stores or any good craft shop]
Screw stud [its like a double ended screw] it fit
150 and 200 grit sand paper
0000 steel wool [optional]
Finish [stain of paint] 
Wood glue
Masking tape
Push pins
Nails a small package of brads and furnisher type nails [they have fancy heads]
Flogger head
[Any of the following will work]
A bath towel
Heavy fabric, canvas or denim 
Polar fleece [tend to be very light]
Garment weight leather or suede
Cutting board [apx 2'x4' a piece of plywood works great]
Straight edge [at least 36' long. a metal ruler works great put what ever you use it need to be thing enough so you can run your roller cutter next to it]
Roller cutter [if you have one it will make things go faster]
Tape measure
Drill and bits
Needle nose pliers

1. Mark the dowel to length and cut using the clamps if you need to hold the down [most floggers I have, have handles that are about 8" to 9"long. Make sure your cuts and square.] [You may want to make more than one handle at a time and play around with different heads]
2. Drill the dowels for the screws [in the middle of the dowels]
3. Drill the doll heads if needed
4. Put the double ended screw in the handle side first
[You may need to use needle nose pliers to get the screw in]
5. Put a dab of glue on the handle side around screw and screw on the doll head
Set a side and let dry over night [at least 12 hours]
6. What ever you are using for the head lay out flat and on the under side mark up 1 " to 2" this is what is going to go on the handle
7. Above that mark off? 18" to 21" that will be the length of your flogger
8. For the width you want it to be 20" to 24" wide
      [20" will give you 40 " wide tails/vanes]
9. Mark the tails off with your tape and straight edge
[This is where the pins come in to hold your material down flat and in place mark it off and cut it]
10. Now cut the tails free
[Take you time don't rush this is what give your flogger a clean finished look or a ragged I just threw this together look]
11. When that's done go back to your handle sand and finish the wooden part when it dry seal wool it lightly it will give I smoother feel.
12. Pull the pins from the tails you cut lay the handle on the bottom part [that 1 " to 2"] band that is not cut.
13. Make sure it is square and nail to the handle [take you time and make sure it is square because if you don't it come out crooked]
14. Now roll the tails around the handle [you can use a light amount of glue to help hold it together]
15. With the furniture nails, nail the end down [the nail should go all the way into the wood part of the handle. I found that if you hold the nail with the needle nose pliers it is easier to drive them in.]
16. Let the glue dry if you used any
17. Trim the ends to length
18. Go flog someone
Helpful hints;
  By using fabric or thin rubber / vinyl you can make this a vegan flogger [I have been asked in the past about vegan bdsm toys as most are made from leather. I have had vegan's tell me they had a hard time using anything leather and if I could come up with anything non leather for whips]
  When you roll the head on to the handle take your time if you plan on using glue as well as the nails do a dry run with out the glue first, so you can see how it goes on and how tight you need to pull it.
  Cut the tails before you put it on the head the tails come out nicer, I have done it the other way and I couldn't cut it straight.
  Polar fleece is very soft and will stretch some. I put knots in the ends of mine so it had some weight to it. Other wise it like flogging some one with a feather duster.
  I use Tree Wax floor polish the stuff in the yellow can, to wax the wooden handles I make. It gives them a nice shine and a smooth feel with out being slick or slippery.
When you are using towels or fabric use pinking sheers to cut it. It will give you an edge that tends not to fray as much
Towels tend to give off a pile of lint when you first use them so keep that in mind and plan in having towel bits every where the first few times you flog someone.

CTR copyright2005