Flogger 1 Project: String Floggers

Parts List
Roll of string "chalk line" [300']
     The type that is twisted not woven or braided
     There are 6 packs of line that come in colors they are       
      about 100' each and you need 2 rolls per flogger.
     They work great and the fluoresces colors glow under       
     black light
6 @ 16p finish nails
2'x4' apx. 30" to 36" long or anything you put the nail or pegs in
Roll electrical tape 
Bicycle hand grips
      The long ten speed type are the ones I like best but the   
      shorter ones work fine to
          The 2 that don't have ends you can use? 1 chair tips
          save theses, as you will need them for other projects
Apx. 20" of 3/16 or inch cord [parachute works best]
A boot or long shoe lace world work too.

Tape measure

Sharpe scissors

1. On your 2x4 mark out the length you want and drive the nails is at that point. 1 at the bottom and 2 next to each other at the top. [Leave a small gap between to 2 nails]
[Most of the string flogger's I make are apx. 28" long, you can make them longer or shorter if you like. I have made sets that are 28" 22" and 16" and matched pairs that's where the extra handles come in handy]
2. At the end with 2 mails make a X on your guide and tape down your string next to it

3. Now roll off about 160 or so strands [that's about 75 to 80 wraps] that should be about 1" to 1" around the nails. Much more and it is to very hard to get into the handle.
4. Tape the end down and cut from roll don't cut the spun string yet
5. Take you cord and slide in through the bundle of strings at the bottom so it makes a handle and tie it tight. This will make your wrist strap and what you use to pull it though the handle with the longer the better you cut it later.
6. Cut 4 pieces tape about 2" long and wrap them around all the strings holding them together [the ones at the bottom pull tight.] do 1 at the top kind of lose it just makes it easier to do the rest is all it comes off later.
7. Now pull it free of the guide and wrap the bottom with tape pull it as tight as you can so the bundle compress, wrap it about the length of the handle.
8. Drop or push the cord though to handle and push the end cap on [it helps to tape the ends together to do this]
9. Tie the lose ends wrist strap together with a good knot
10. Pull the bottom end of the flogger into the handle. Pull it all the way down until you get the end of bundle to the base of the end plug. [I find the if I put the lope around my foot its easier to pull through that way
11. Cut the end of the strings lose and remove the tape and shake the strings lose you may need to run them through you fingers to get them untangled. [The ends will fray with use making the softer]
12. Now go flog someone with it

As the ends get softer it will pick up a very sensual feel to it, like a fur flogger. I use these for the classes I have done on flogging in the past because they are so light. I have made them with leather lace you can get by the roll, those can be very stingy. I have also use Mylar ribbon and nylon fishing line. The fishing line one ended up like a horsehair flogger, but it tangled easily and the ends tended to be sharp. You can also make a cat type flogger by just using thicker cord or rope. You can get all the parts for this project at [OSH] Orchard Supply Hardware Stores

Time to make: 20 to 30 minutes
Cost: $ 15 or less